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About me

Like so many Luxembourg musicians, I have started my musical career in the Luxembourg band scene. In the mid-90s, I joined the Luxembourg rock band Lifewire as a keyboarder. At this point my songs had rare, if any, classical elements. Through my growing fondness for bands like Queen as well as symphonic- metal bands, my path led me more and more into the classical direction, only to end up at the Conservatoire de Musique in Esch/Alzette, where I took music and piano lessons. Lifewire was busy in the years to come: a number of gigs, both in Luxembourg and abroad; and the release of a first CD (”Kivas”). We represented Luxembourg at the Emergenza-Festival in Barcelona (E), until we finally had the tremendous opportunity to record our second CD ("Burnin Tears") at the Mountain Studios in Montreux (CH) with David Richards, the producer of Queen, David Bowie, Michael Jackson and many more. It was a great honor to take part in the production and to see David at work. Needless to say that I took the advantage to watch his every move. My fondest memory is being able to do the piano recordings, which I played on the same grand piano Freddie Mercury played on various Queen tracks a few decades before. The highlight was a duet with the cellist Nathalie Manser for “La merveille”, a song stemming from an impromptu piano improvisation between two recordings and which therefore could not feature on the CD.  
Extract from “La merveille Lifewire (copyrights) feat. Nathalie Manser Cello: Nathalie Manser Piano: Christian Krier
Shortly after Montreux in 2002-2003, we recorded and produced a video clip at the castle in Neuerburg (D) together with director Pier Hausemer, before the band members of Lifewire went their separate ways in 2003. But things were far from over. In spring 2005 a new line-up gave life to Pale Obsession, a band which quickly developed a slightly different musical style. 3 out of the 4 tracks of our first CD “Songs of Love and Death” made it to the Luxembourg Charts. Many concerts followed in next few years to come, both in Luxembourg and abroad; we performed amongst others at “Rock um Knuedler”, “Rock am Park”, “Tivoli Rock Festival” in Sweden with the Swedish power-metal band Sabaton. We were also very fortunate to open for various big acts, like the Dutch symphonic-metal band Epica and the German Tokio Hotel. In 2010-2011 we recorded our next CD “Made of Glass”. Stefan Helleblad (gitarrist with Within Temptation) came to Luxembourg specifically to record in our practice facilities. Yet again I had the opportunity to watch an experienced sound technician at work, but this time in a more familiar environment.
Extract from “The ghost and the sadness Copyrights: Pale Obsession Arrangement & Opnahm (klassesch Deeler): Christian Krier CD-Opnahm & Produktioun: Stefan Helleblad
Extract from “War Copyrights: Pale Obsession Arrangement & Opnahm (klassesch Deeler): Christian Krier CD-Opnahm & Produktioun: Stefan Helleblad
Quote from Backstage Pro: “... With the rocking guitar riffs, overwhelming orchestral parts, mixed to catchy, melancholic piano and keyboard melodies and surrounded by Joe MAY’s uncommon and outstanding voice, PALE OBSESSION have found their very own sound which will be kept in mind ! The perfect mixture between dark rock and bombastic melodic parts opens them a way to a very broad range of audience...” Pale Obsession´s musical style also gave me the possibility to introduce more classical elements and integrate this type of arrangements in our music. A further step in this direction ... 2012 saw the end of Pale Obsession too. There was a deep lack of common interests between band members and hence there was no more reason to keep the band alive. All the band members are somehow still carrying on with music in their own specific way. After using these last years intensively to independently specialize in various areas of sound and mixing techniques, I started to concentrate solely on film music and its various facets in 2017. As a result I have published this on this website; something I had wished for a long time. While I managed to release some productions in 2018, I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge in orchestration and to take correspondence courses in mixing and orchestral mixing. After the big project “Die Eichenthron-Annalen” as well as the remix of the track “Memories” have been released, I am actually - among other projects - in the process of completing the Audio Engineer (Hofa college) courses. February 2021, I have won one a jury prize for my mix a rock track in the HOFA Xmas Mix Contest. Out of 1250 participants, I have qualified under the top ten. After the more technical and general audio engineering-courses, an apprenticeship in Cinematic Orchestration via ThinkSpace Education is already planned for 2021. Hereby a list of the different courses since then: Mix By Design by Jason Moss (Behind The Speakers) - 2019 Mixing Low-End by Jason Moss (Behind The Speakers) - 2019 Vocal Mixing Masterclass by Jason Moss (Behind The Speakers) - 2019 Orchestral Mixing by Jake Jackson (ThinkSpace Education) - 2019 Mix With The Masters - 2019/2020 HOFA Audio Engineer by HOFA - 2020/2021 Cinematic Orchestration by Guy Michelmore (ThinkSpace Education) - 2021 I enjoy it enormously and I hope you enjoy it too. Christian K. 
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